Channel Letters & Signs In Summerlin South, Spring Valley, Las Vegas, Paradise, North Las Vegas, NV and Surrounding Areas


When it comes to signage, channel letters are the gold standard. Channel letters can be found on the buildings of some of the world’s largest companies – Starbucks, Wal-Mart, Citi-Bank, and so on. If you’ve ever seen those big 3-D glowing lights off in the distance, you’re already familiar with channel letters.

Channel letter signs are comprised of individual three-dimensional structures that each have their own specific illumination. Channel letter signs combine the individual letter, number, and symbol structures into a larger and cohesive piece, creating a customized and impressive display for your business. In addition to the brilliant colors and striking shapes of channel letter, this type of signage offers the ultimate flexibility, offering a wide variety of fonts, shapes, and sizes.

Channel Letters in Paradise, Spring Valley, Las Vegas, Summerlin South, & North Las Vegas, NV


Each element of a channel letter sign is constructed with aluminum sheet metal and acrylic. The channel letter sign consists of five specific components: The Face, the Trim Cap, the Return, the Backs, and the Light Source. The Face is typically constructed with a 3/16” thick sheet of colorfast acrylic and cut to size with a router. The Trim Cap is the component that allows The Face to be attached to the unit. A UV-stable plastic that serves as a cap to place The Face in, The Trim Cap is placed on top of the aluminum sheet metal. The Return is the side of the channel letter and crafted out of aluminum sheet metal. Depending on the size or purpose of the sign, The Return can range between 3” and 8” inches. The Backs are another sheet of aluminum sheet metal that covers the back of each individual element, and finally the ever-important Light Source, typically LED lighting.

Available in several different types of lighting options such as front-lit, reverse channels, back-lit, or combination-lit, channel letters can provide a wide array of colors, fonts, and effects to meet the need, desire, and visual goal of any business. There are several great reasons why business giants reach to channel letters when it comes to advertising their business – talk to one of our representatives today to learn more.