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Affordable and Custom Vehicle Wraps in North Las Vegas

You might want to change up your favorite ride with a custom color, or you want to advertise your business everywhere that you drive in North Las Vegas. Whatever the reason is, our team at House of Signs can help with affordable vehicle wraps. Whether it is a small motorcycle, a family sedan, or a large truck or van, we can provide you with a full car wrap or vinyl graphics to truly customize your vehicle. Reach out to our team today to learn more and get your questions answered.

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Car Wraps in North Las Vegas, NV

Wrapping your vehicle is a common way to change up the look of your daily driver without going overboard with price. A vehicle wrap is faster than getting a custom paint job done. Typical vehicle wraps may take a day or two to put on, whereas a full paint job on a vehicle can take a week or longer. Depending on how complex your vehicle surfaces are, it might take longer or shorter.

A vinyl car wrap helps to protect the original paint on the vehicle from sun damage, debris, gravel, and rust. And while it provides this protection, it doesn’t harm the paint and you are able to easily remove the wrap material should you ever want to return your vehicle to the original color, or if you are selling the vehicle that was used in a business and the new owner doesn’t want to continue advertising your business.

Vehicle Wraps in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Summerlin, Paradise, NV and Surrounding Areas

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Car Vinyl Wrap Design and Installation in North Las Vegas

Vehicle wraps are easy to maintain as well. Hand washing the vehicle is recommended so that the wrap doesn’t get taken off with automatic vehicle washers. Car wraps are also economical as they are cheaper than having a paint job covering the same area and take less time to put on compared to paint as well. Whether you want to have a rolling billboard for your business in North Las Vegas or you just want to change up your vehicle with a new color scheme, our professionals at House of Signs are ready to help transform your vehicle. Contact us today to learn more.

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