Electric Signs in Las Vegas, NV

Illuminated Electric Signs and LED Signs in Las Vegas, NV

House of Signs creates custom-made electric signs illuminated for promotional and commercial use as building signage. The three-dimensional letters come in the form of beautiful, iconic signage for use in Las Vegas neighborhoods.

We use different materials such as brass, plastic, aluminum, stainless steel, coppers, and others, to make LED letter signs. Whereas some sign-light signage can be mounted on wireways or raceways, others are mounted directly on exterior wall surfaces.

A raceway is a mounting structure with a casing to cover and protect a letter sign’s electrical parts. However, a wireway is thinner and only features wiring without the casing. Some benefits of LED letter signs include:

  • Durability due to non-breakable materials
  • High brightness for better signage color, visibility, and clarity
  • Low maintenance due to reduced risk of burning or becoming loose
  • Energy efficiency due to reduced consumption of power
  • Easily removable for replacement or maintenance reasons.

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LED Letter Signs in Las Vegas

At House of Signs, we offer the best-LED neon sign solutions for businesses in Las Vegas and the surrounding areas. Our electric signage and front-lit channel letter lightbox signs illuminate the sign itself, including people passing by your business premises. We can create a custom LED letter sign in Las Vegas or add your signage lighting to channel letters for promotional use. Our range of unique LED neon light designs is visible from far distances and improves brand awareness. Some examples of letter lights we create include:

  • banners
  • 3-D foam letters
  • Signs for construction sites
  • Metal signs
  • Dry-erase boards
  • Vehicle graphics
  • Plastic signs
  • Window graphics
  • Real Estate Signs
LED Letter Sign at Las Vegas, NV Trade Show

Our electric letter signs are customizable and visible to improve the customer experience and draw attention to your business. The right electrical signage can also make your business look professional.

We use a combination of unique characters and letters to create impressive digital and interactive signs and displays to make your business stand out. At House of Signs, we choose colors, fonts, and durable and bright channel letters that work well with your brand.

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Electric Letter Signs for Las Vegas Businesses

Las Vegas is a beautiful city in the United States with a large population. The city is famous for its busy nightlife and booming gambling industry. However, the Nevada desert also offers amazing outdoor adventures, including golfing, horseback riding, ziplining, and off-road trekking. Millions of people worldwide travel to this American city every year for vacation, business, and even to live there. Contact us at (702) 822-2700 to design, create, install, or repair your LED letter sign in Las Vegas, ensuring they are attractive and durable.

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