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We Are Experts in Monument & Pylon Signs.
There are strict regulations governing the installation of these signs. Pylon signs normally have to be 300 ft. from other Pylon signs and Monument signs need to be 100 ft. apart, but 300 ft. from a pylon sign.

A pylon sign is a freestanding sign that is usually supported by either one or two poles. They are commonly made with an aluminum or steel frame with a rigid or flexible face.
They can display your message on either one or both sides. Often pylon signs are illuminated or backlit with LED or fluorescent lamps, however, they also can be left without illumination.
Pylon signs are better at catching the consumer’s eye from a distance. Pylon signs tower significantly higher than Monument signs, benefitting businesses positioned alongside a highway or an area where cars are zipping by. No matter where your business is located, House of Signs Sign will help you determine the ideal sign type for your business.
pylon sign
pylon sign
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