Vehicle and Car Wraps in Paradise, NV

Vinyl Wraps and Vinyl Lettering for Vehicles in Paradise, NV

House of Signs in Las Vegas serves Paradise, NV, and has everything you need to help your business make its mark. We have electric signs that can showcase your location or vehicle wraps that allow you to advertise on the go.
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What Are Vehicle Wraps?

Vehicle wraps do more than apply a protective film around your car, truck, or trailer. Instead, they put your branding front and center whenever your vehicle leaves your business. In a city where flash equals cash, this subtle form of advertising is more important than ever.

Vehicle wraps, vinyl lettering, and graphics transform your personal vehicle or work truck into a portable billboard. With high-quality vinyl wraps and lettering from House of Signs, you can promote your business anywhere, at any time.

Car Wraps in Paradise, NV

Car Wraps in Paradise, NV with vinyl graphics on a white sports car

Will your vinyl wraps or vinyl lettering detract attention from the thousands of blinking lights? In a way, yes. Your vehicle provides the weary driver a soothing image on which to focus, giving them a respite from the town’s flickering lights. Speak to our team at House of Signs, and we’ll wrap your car in a way that enhances your brand image. Call us and find out how we can make your vehicle an extension of your storefront.

Vinyl Wraps

Vinyl wraps are reinforced with carbon fiber to ensure maximum durability. Our team applies the car wraps as close to the surface as possible, ensuring to smooth out any bubbles, resulting in a picture that looks like a paint job.


Vinyl Lettering

If you’d rather not cover a large section of your vehicle, vinyl lettering might be a better fit. Choose to apply your business name, logo, motto, or even simply street address and contact number.

Vehicle Wraps in Paradise, Nevada

You may live in Paradise, but it’s still a town of movers and shakers. From the iconic strip to the outlying areas, there’s something to do everywhere you look. The city offers guests a lot more entertainment besides just gambling. With the Liberace Library, parks, and countless attractions nearby, you won’t feel bored in this town. Are you ready to put your Paradise, NV, business on the map? Call our House of Signs team today at 702-822-2700 to discuss your options for vehicle wraps, electric signs, and automobile graphics.